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Sampo Kingdom was established in 2001 with a great dream from 1988, and we dedicate 20 years to become a global brand by creating innovative, functional, and high-quality furniture for children all over the world. Till now, there are over 1,000 Sampo Kingdom brand stores located in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, and many other countries.

Our Sampo Kingdom New 220,000㎡ Factory will be established in early 2023. We shall offer you high quality product sooner than now.


Chairman and General Manager of Sampo Kingdom

As time and tide fly, don’t forget your original intention

The Shenzhen Sampo Kingdom Household Co., Ltd

From a dream in 1988 to the realization of 1000+ stores worldwide

The Sampo Kingdom is performing innovation and change every day

The only thing that remains unchanged is "focusing on the ecological home furnishing business for teenagers and children will remain unchanged for a hundred years."

A hundred years of a great cause, made by ingenuity

Twenty years through winds and rains, Sampo Kingdom dared to be the first, forge ahead with innovation, and forge ahead

From a small workshop with a few people to a modern enterprise with 2,000 people

The history has gone through the "Made in China" to "Created in China"

We are grateful for the great era, respect the spirit of craftsmanship, and pursue the ultimate ingenuity

Entrepreneurship is difficult, and the best era

Recalling the past, the prosperous years make us happy

Looking at the present, the beautiful future makes us excited

The Sampo Kingdom will fulfill our mission!

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  • 1988
    The seeds of dreams begin to sprout
  • 2001 March
    Sampo Kingdom was formally established
  • 2003 March
    The first Sampo Kingdom brand store was born in Shenzhen Romanjoy Furniture Mall
  • 2004 Aug.
    Sampo Kingdom brand registration is completed, a limited company is established, with independent export rights
  • 2006 Aug.
    Sampo Kingdom exceeded 50 stores
  • 2007 Oct.
    Sampo Kingdom Classic series products obtained national design and utility model patents
  • 2008
    Sampo Kingdom Brand Stores break through 100
  • 2009 July
    Passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification
  • 2010 Oct.
    Passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification
  • 2011 March
    Dalingshan 80,000 square meter warehousing and logistics base was put into use
  • 2011 June
    Establish strategic partnerships with China Construction Bank and COSCO Logistics
  • 2011 Dec.
    "Sampo Kingdom" was recognized as a famous trademark in Guangdong Province
  • 2012 March
    Became the governing unit of Guangdong Quality Inspection Association
  • 2012 May
    Reached a strategic partnership with "Reba" water-based paint, using the water-based paint coating process in an all-round way, which is safe and environmentally friendly
  • 2012 Oct.
    Chairman of Sampo Kingdom was elected as Executive Chairman of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce and Executive Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association
  • 2012 Dec.
    Sampo Kingdom was rated as a member of the government procurement of China's environmental labeling products, and obtained China's authoritative environmental protection certification-"Ten Ring Certification"
  • 2013 March
    Become a group member unit of China Furniture Association
  • 2013 June
    Employed as a drafting unit of the after-sales service management standard for the children's furniture industry
  • 2013 Sep.
    Become the standard formulation unit of "Regulations for After-sales Service Management of Decoration Materials"
  • 2014 March
    Selected as a children's furniture brand by China Good Home Brand Alliance
  • 2014 June
    Reached a strategic partnership with Sleemon Furniture Co., Ltd.
  • 2014 Nov.
    The first Sampo Kingdom Experience Pavilion was completed in Dongguan Famous Furniture Expo Park, opening the era of one-stop shopping experience for children’s home furnishings
  • 2014 Dec.
    Sampo Kingdom Brand Stores break through 550
  • 2015 March
    Passed GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification
  • 2016 April
    Passed GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification
  • 2016 Aug.
    Become a pilot enterprise for the 2016 excellent performance model promotion project in Guangming New District
  • 2016 Oct.
    Passed the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone SSC A08-001: 2016 "Shenzhen Standard" system certification.Start the lean management system The 60,000 square meter Dongguan Qiaotou production base was officially put into use, completing the layout of Sampo Kingdom’s South China logistics base
  • 2016 Nov.
    Sampo Kingdom Brand Stores break through 800
  • 2017 March
    "Define Childlike Heart from the Heart" 2017 Ecological Chain Release
  • 2017 Oct.
    Sampo Kingdom won the "Quality and Environmental Protection Gold Award" at the 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair
  • 2018 June
    The 2nd "BIFF Beijing International Home Furnishing Exhibition and Chinese Life Festival".Won the "Children's Furniture Gold Award" in the Designer's Cup and won a prize of 10,000 US dollars
  • 2018 August
    The founder of Toyota Production System, "the godfather of production management", Mr. Seiichi Tokinaga, a student of Naiichi Ohno, was specially hired to implement the TPS production method.Open the era of lean production in an all-round way
  • 2019 March
    Sampo Kingdom won the Guangdong Home Furnishing Industry Artisan Spirit Leading Key Construction Enterprise Golden Top Award
  • 2019 Sep
    Sampo Kingdom was awarded "Leading Enterprise in China's Furniture Industry"
  • 2019 Oct.
    Sampo Kingdom won the Shenzhen Standard Certification for the fourth time
  • 2019 Dec.
    Sampo Kingdom joined the Standardization Technical Committee to redefine the "new quality" of children's furniture
  • 2020 March
    Sampo Kingdom Appears at the First Cool+ Online Exhibition
  • 2020 May
    Sampo Kingdom headquarter moved Nanshan, Shenzhen
  • 2020 August
    Open the custom service of solid wood space in the whole house for children's rooms
  • 2020 Nov.
    Sampo Kingdom Won the AAA grade credit enterprise of enterprise credit evaluation