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About Us

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Sampo Kingdom was established in 2001 with a great dream from 1988, and we dedicate 20 years to become a global brand by creating innovative, functional, and high-quality furniture for children all over the world. Till now, there are over 1,000 Sampo Kingdom brand stores located in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, and many other countries.

Our Sampo Kingdom New 220,000㎡ Factory will be established in early 2023. We shall offer you high quality product sooner than now.


Chairman and General Manager of Sampo Kingdom

As time and tide fly, don’t forget your original intention

The Shenzhen Sampo Kingdom Household Co., Ltd

From a dream in 1988 to the realization of 1000+ stores worldwide

The Sampo Kingdom is performing innovation and change every day

The only thing that remains unchanged is "focusing on the ecological home furnishing business for teenagers and children will remain unchanged for a hundred years."

A hundred years of a great cause, made by ingenuity

Twenty years through winds and rains, Sampo Kingdom dared to be the first, forge ahead with innovation, and forge ahead

From a small workshop with a few people to a modern enterprise with 2,000 people

The history has gone through the "Made in China" to "Created in China"

We are grateful for the great era, respect the spirit of craftsmanship, and pursue the ultimate ingenuity

Entrepreneurship is difficult, and the best era

Recalling the past, the prosperous years make us happy

Looking at the present, the beautiful future makes us excited

The Sampo Kingdom will fulfill our mission!

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